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String and Cables will be matching material and color pattern

Material: 452x
8190 is 100% SK90 grade Dyneema. Due to it’s 100% Dyneema construction, it holds up extremely well to abrasion. Standard strand count 28 (Compound)
8125 is 100% SK75 grade Dyneema. 8125 is the material Winner’s Choice built it’s reputation on. 8125 provides good arrow speed, a soft shot but does require a longer shoot in period. Standard strand count 20 (Compound)
452x is a Dyneema/Vectran (67% SK75 Dyneema/33% Vectran) blended material chosen by many target archers. 452x shoots in quickly, is stable over time but is not as abrasion resistant as other materials. Standard strand count Compound = 24, Recurve = 18
String Strand 1 Color: Buckskin (080)
String Strand 2 Color: OD Green (380)
Serving Color: White (020)

Bow Info Summary

Type: compound
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String Length: 0 inches
Notes: N/A

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