Superior Materials. Proprietary Construction — Unmatched Performance

Winner’s Choice premium bowstrings are made of the very best materials available and built using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. The result is a bowstring that is second-to-none when it comes to durability and performance.



The ultimate bowstring material

Every Winner’s Choice bowstring is made from 100% Dyneema Fiber. Dyneema comes in various grades. 8190Xtreme bowstrings are made from an SK90 grade Dyneema, the highest grade Dyneema fiber available for bowstrings. 8190Xtreme bowstrings give you several significant advantages:

  • 15% stronger than other bowstrings — that’s a big difference!
  • 3 to 5 shot shoot-in-time — a dramatic advantage
  • Superior accuracy - isn’t that the bottom line?
  • Improved consistency — by far the most consistent strings we’ve ever tested!
  • Longer lasting, more durable — you just can’t wear them out!

X-Braid Plus Serving

60% stronger than other braided servings

If you read our guarantee you’ll notice we boldly stand behind our bowstrings in multiple ways, one of which is guaranteeing against serving separation. We can do this because of X-Braid Plus. Our X-Braid Plus servings are 60% stronger than other braided servings. This allows our patented serving system to install these servings with considerably more tension. This, in turn, prevents serving separation.

  • X-Braid Plus servings are 60% stronger which allows them to be installed at greater tension with proprietary equipment
  • Prevents serving separation — GUARANTEED!
  • Double the life of your Winner’s Choice bowstring!



All Winner’s Choice bowstrings are made using our exclusive and unique PIMMP method. This system essentially pre-stretches the stands of Dyneema at the molecular level. The result is a bowstring that experiences virtually no movement which means your Winner’s Choice Bowstring will take just a few shots to shoot it.

  • Every strand is pre-stretched at the molecular level, eliminating movement
  • Means 3 to 5 shot shoot-in and no peep rotation or string creep

WeatherLock Technology

High-tech string treatment

Weatherlock is our new high-tech string treatment that we apply to every Winner’s Choice bowstring. Weatherlock is factory-installed and is designed to replace string wax or conditioner. It penetrates the bowstring fibers reducing internal wear and reducing string fuzziness with almost no string weight gain.

  • Factory-applied treatment penetrates string fibers with almost no weight gain
  • Prevents moisture absorption greatly enhancing accuracy in moist conditions
  • Reduced heat absorption in warm weather for enhanced accuracy
  • Minimizes string wear and string fuzziness

Quality Checked

Each and every Winner’s Choice bowstring is checked and re-checked by quality control professionals to assure that your Winner’s Choice bowstring will perform from the very first shot. This may add to the overall cost, but it’s worth every penny because we want you to have a great experience with our product!

  • Your Winner’s Choice bowstring will be right — We GUARANTEE it!

Assembled by Hand

Your Winner’s Choice bowstring is largely assembled by hand by experienced String Technicians who care, here in the U.S.A.

  • Assures high performance, unmatched quality Made in the U.S.A.